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Collectors of Israel stamps now have a one-stop reference source in the new Krause-Minkus Standard Catalog of Israel Stamps.
Standard Catalog of Israel StampsThe first new Israel stamp catalog in more than a decade lists more than 1,500 regular, commemorative and airmail stamps in chronological order. Prices for used and unused issues, in the most collectible grades are also featured. Black and white photos make stamp identification fast and easy. There is a table of tabs for Israel specialty collectors included as well.

Handy, small-size format makes this volume easy to carry and reference when collecting. It represents the first in a new series of Krause-Minkus catalogs for countries of the world.

  • More than 1,500 regular, commemorative and airmail stamps are listed in chronological order.
  • Prices listed in used and unused grades to help determine value.
  • Photos make stamp identification fast and easy.
  • Books will be shipped by Aharon's Jewish Books and Judaica

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The Jewish World In Stamps: 4000 Years Of Jewish Civilization On Postage Stamps by Ronald L. Eisenberg is an amazing, full-color, 288 page volume that meticulously reproduces postage stamps portraying events and people throughout the whole of Jewish history. The Jewish World In Stamps ranges from biblical stories such as the tale of Esther, to the Diaspora, to rise of Zionism and establishment of the state of Israel, to Jewish traditions and values, to World Jewish Communities, to modern-day Jewish entertainers such as Groucho Marx.

Succinct entries flesh out the background detail on the individual or story represented by each stamp, and the color illustrations are the next best thing to having an international stamp collection of one's own. The Jewish World In Stamps is an exciting and seminal work that makes both the world of stamp collecting and Jewish history itself come alive.

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The postage stamps and postal history of Israel is a survey of the postage stamps issued by the state of Israel, and its postal history, since independence was proclaimed on May 14, 1948. The first postage stamps were issued two days later on May 16, 1948.

Rossiter, Stuart; John Flower & Raife Wellsted. Stamp Atlas: Israel. Sandafayre on-line. Retrieved on 2008-02-07.

Historical context

The postal history of Israel builds upon the centuries-long development of postal services in Palestine. During the rule of the Mamluks, mounted mail service was operated in Deir el-Balah, Lydda and other towns on the Cairo to Damascus route.[2] During the Ottoman period, postal services relied upon Turkey's stamps (Palestine FAQ). Foreign consulates set up the early post offices.[3] During World War I, the British Egyptian Expeditionary Force occupied Palestine and demarcated stamps as "E.E.F." in 1918.

During the British mandate, postage stamps and services were provided by British authorities. From 1933-1948, mandate services included airmail stamps[4] and, as an innovation, air letter cards. British postal offices and operations were, in part, turned over to the Israeli government. In May 1948, as the British withdrew and postal services broke down, the provisional government issued overprints on Jewish National Fund stamps and ad hoc postage was created in Nahariya and Safed.


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